Need help with rudder issue

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I bought my Laser used thirty years ago. Hull number is 16344. I haven't sailed it since about 1994. I have cleaned it up and was going through the operation of the rudder when I encountered a problem. If I remember correctly, one pulls on the lanyard attached to the top side of the rudder to raise it. However, when I do that, the top front edge of the rudder is stopped by the rear most rivet on the rudder bracket. There is a small dent in the wood caused by the rivet. I don't recall having this issue when I sailed it. What am I overlooking? The photo attached shows how far the rudder pivots up, which is not much. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.



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Is your rudder bolted in place with the rudder cheeks on each side in the photo you provided? Or have you slid the rudder back to show the rope in the hole in the wood?

My rudder doesn't have an uphaul rope. Only a downhaul rope. And that downhaul rope is mounted on the leading edge of the rudder, not the trailing edge. It almost looks like your rudder is mounted backwards.

Here's a photo of a Laser rudder with the "downhaul rope" mounted.


- Andy
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Aaarrrghhh! That's what happens when you go twenty years in between use. last fall, I refinished the centerboard and rudder. I looked at the rope thinking it was used to raise the rudder. Thanks Andy and Rob for pointing out my mistake.