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I ‘m the original owner of a 1999 Capri 14.2 which I purchased from the Sailboat Shop when they still had a store here in town. I’ve kept the sailboat at the Tempe Town Lake marina all of this time except for when they kicked us out so the city could build the asphalt boat storage lot. I haven’t been sailing very often the last couple of years and have had to re-learn most (if not all) of the terminology. After 9+ years I figured it’s time to replace all of the rigging but have not made much progress in getting everything back together. I’ve read through the owner’s manual and my copies of the “spec sheets” as well as the PDF manual I downloaded from this site, and my copy of “Sailing for Dummies.” I’ve also Googled the Internet and searched through the forum here. I’ve learned a lot but still need some help, suggestions, other references, etc. Specifically:

I can’t figure out the best (and least expensive way) to rig the main halyard, the jib halyard, and the shock cord. Should I spend the $30.00 on West Marine’s hog ring pliers and make “eye splices” or is it okay to just use a bowline (or similar) knot? I’ve already purchased the shock cord. Will I have to make an eye splice to use this?

The original jib halyard was two lines connected with a “block with becket.” I’ve read where I could have used a single line for the jib halyard but since I just took the “rigging lengths” specs sheet with me when I purchased the new lines at West Marine I’d like to stay with Catalina’s recommended rigging on this but, again, I’m not sure if I need to make an eye splice or not.

Then there’s the matter of cutting the nylon lines and sealing the ends. I haven’t found the “flame” technique to be satisfactory. West Marine sells a “liquid rope whipping” for about 9 bucks for four ounces and I probably would only use 1/2 ounce of the stuff. Any other suggestions?

There’s probably some other things I’m forgetting or missing but I hope you get the idea. I’d just need to figure out how to get this sailboat back in shape so I can put it in the water before it gets too hot here to sail!

Having written curricula and training manuals, taught classes, and have done some computer programming I’d be happy to develop an illustrated step by step guide on rigging a 14.2 and post it here. Heck, I’d even be willing to produce a “training” video. But first I need help in figuring out how to get “Charlene” ready to go sailing again!

Thanks in advance for any and all replies, suggestions, tips, etc.
Hi Robert,
Welcome to the forum. I wouldn't sweat the knots that much. I've had all manner of ropes and knots on my 14.2 and it's never negatively impacted sailing. Knots are usually strong enough and they work.

But if you insist on an eye splice for your braided line, here's a trick I've been using for nearly 30 years. Get a large sewing needle and the biggest monofilament you can get through the needle's eye. I've used anything from 5lb to 50lb test. Just pull your line into a loop which overlaps about an inch, then sew about 20 stitches through the overlap. You can even slip in a thimble and stitch it so tight it will never fall out. I've never had one of these fail before the rope wears out and it's probably faster than an amateur messing with a fid.

Instead of the shock cord for the center board, I got a pair of bungee cords from Lowes for $5 that work great. They're red, 4' long un-stretched (I think) and the extra bungee goes into the ditty bag in case the working cord breaks. Most importantly, they come with the hooks already affixed to the cord! :)

Hope this is helpful,
re/C 14.2 Rigging

Robert: If you want, you can probably find the "Sailboat Shop" over at Pleasant Harbor Marina (near top of hill at their south launch ramp) at Lake Pleasant. They only closed the shop on McLintock. Also, stop by Tempe Town Lake on alternate Sunday afternoons (not tomorrow) ca. 2:30 to visit with several of us rigging our C-14.2's for AYC races. RK
Robert, I keep my 1986 Capri 14.2 here at the house, it is all stock except for a roller furling headsail, so if you want to call me sometime during the day time, I can pull mine out of the garage and walk you through anything you need to know. Greg @ 805 983-7528 (Oxnard, CA)
Ropes and cords

A week ago I got 93 C14.2. This is my first boat. I am going over the boat and trailer with the fine tooth comb. everything looks good but I still need a few things to address before we hit the water. I found answers on many of my questions right here on the forum, thank you guys.

Besides, thing that I have to get from Catalina, (shrouds, hiking strips). I am planing to replace all the ropes, cords and bungees.

Can someone tell me what size, color and how many feet I will need to finis the job, right.
Besides, thing that I have to get from Catalina, (shrouds, hiking strips). I am planing to replace all the ropes, cords and bungees.

Can someone tell me what size, color and how many feet I will need to finis the job, right.
In addition to calling Greg (a generous offer, BTW), you might like to download the C-14 handbook. It has a list of all the rope lengths and what I like the best - the Quantum tuning guide. I don't always remember all the things I'm supposed to remember, but it's nice to know some experts have thought about optimizing the C-14.

C-14 Handbook Link

For new ropes, I've had pretty good luck with the Sta-Set brand from this place: Annapolis Performance Sailing

I've also found good deals at West Marine for the exact same rope. These aren't high performance lines but racing isn't what floats my boat, so to speak. As for colors, there is no specification other than to keep them sufficiently different so you don't grab the jib sheets when you really need to grab the main.

As for bungies, I've found a good replacement for the centerboard bungee at Lowes. It comes already hooked at the ends, it's 4' and red, and best of all, it comes in a two pack so you can have a spare for your ditty bag.

Good luck!!!
Thank you guys for your help. I am off today, so as son as rain stops I will start with setting up the mast, cleaning, polishing and continue with further evaluation. I will keep you posted, I am sure there will be some questions.
Jim, do you have a part number for that bungee at Lowes?
Hi Greg,
As luck would have it, I was in Lowes today and spotted the 4' red bungees in the doorknob aisle. I thought they were discontinued since disappearing from the bungee section, but there they were - three pair hanging on a hook. Lowes' number is 106620 and the price is $7.50 for two.

Hope this is helpful and not a wild goose chase,