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I am a new member and was wondering if anyone could help me with this sail boat. My dad gave it to me and I've never seen or heard of anything like this before. I am a bass fisherman and was told that it was a small fishing boat. Haha. After seeing it I clearly saw that it was NOT a fishing boat. If anyone could tell me anything they possibly know about it. I will be forever grateful. Thanks!!


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How could you tell it's a newer one? And is there a market for these things? Also does it have a model name or is it just a laser? Thank you for the info so far! :D


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The number on the sticker in the hull is the sail number, and these are issued sequentially. I'm guessing yours is from around 2010.

Where did you find this boat? It looks to have been sitting out in the weather, and hopefully just needs a good washing. Depending on the condition, it could be worth some money.
Well my friend, you are a very lucky. It is a rather new one and as stated above just needs some TLC. IMHO, you have a couple of choices - 1. clean it up and learn to sail it, at which point you will join a worldwide brotherhood of fellow Laser sailors and be welcomed wherever these boats are found. Or, 2. clean it up and sell it. Given the vintage, you may get a good price.
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Yes sir I realized this after doing some research and talking to some other good people about it. I've already cleaned it up and it looks awesome. I don't think I'll be interested in using it myself so I want to sell it to someone that's going to use it.


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I saw your ad. To generate interest and get a serious bid, you do need to show more pictures (close ups of the hull, rudder, board, sail, tiller/extension, etc). Look at some other ads to see what is typically done. Laser sailors tend to be pretty fussy...

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Perhaps the OP tried it after all... and got hooked on Laser sailing, LOL. Seemed a shame to unload it for lousy money, boat looked to be in pretty good overall shape. A Laser coming my way in like fashion would be viewed as a gift from the cosmos. If the OP did indeed sell it, what a waste of opportunity... :confused: