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Need help Finding a Trolling Motor Mount for my old CL16 Sailboat


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I need help finding a compatible motor mount for an older (1983) CL16 Sailboat by CL Boatworks.
I have tried repeatedly to contact someone at C&L Boatworks, but they appear to no longer be operational. I once got one reply, but no more responses despite multiple Emails and Facebook posts to them.

There are 4 bolts on my transom that are for a motor mount that used to be made for my boat but is long gone by the time I purchased it.

I just want to put on a small trolling motor.. I tried putting it on the actual transom, but it gets tangled-up with the lines and I need it mounted "further back" to be out of the way.

I am attaching a photo that shows the 4 bolts on my transom, and then a "sketch" I made that shows the distance between the bolts. It shows they are 6 inches apart "wide" and 3 1/2 inches apart "vertical".

I believe these boats used to have some sort of wooden mount that went here that you could then mount a trolling motor or even a small outboard to.

I have looked at a number of motor mounts on Amazon and other sites, and even purchased a few (but then returned them) because the bolt patterns are different and I don't want to drill additional holes in my transom and am hoping can find whatever used to here..

Also, there is no sort of "BLOCKING" inside my boat where these bolts lead, so whatever I put on must be very light. since I don't want to put too much stress on the transom.

I found a very light trolling motor by "Watersnake" that is less then 10 pounds and I have confirmed it can move my boat, so I just need something that will fit those bolts and have some sort of "mounting plate" where I can attach the trolling motor.

Thanks for any help or advice you can provide.