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Need advice on replacing cheap Zuma mainsheet blocks


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The cheap mainsheet blocks on my Zuma don't actually spin, the mainsheet just slides through them. I would like to replace them with good ones that actually work. However, the ones on the boom are captive blocks. What's the best way to remove/replace them? Drill out the rivets of the strap/eye and replace, or somehow destroy remove the block itself? If removing the strap and rivets, what kind of rivets are needed to reinstall the straps? Note that this boat is rigged with a 2:1 mainsheet, so the aft block has a becket, and the traveler is a two-block setup (easy to replace). Would you recommend I use Laser parts, Sunfish parts, and which shop would have the best parts selection online?


Cactus Cowboy

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Wait, before I go I'll answer that question: if the existing blocks are junk, I'd just cut 'em off, leaving the eye straps in place. Buy better blocks you can simply attach to the straps... moi, I always liked Harken blocks on my boats, others prefer Ronstan or whatever. Cheers!!!