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Need advice on a sunfish upgrade


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I have a place in Avon, NC (OBX) and currently have a sunfish. Great boat to take on the sound however I am over 6' and it is a one person boat. Looking for something larger that can seat 3 (maybe 4) but still needs to be small (push around on a dolly). I've considered Hunter 15/18 or Hobie Getaway. Only using this for recreational day sailing. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.


See my 3 options I mentioned here:

I have no personal experience with them... those are just the 3 I was most interested in after googling the same question you have.


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I have a Hunter 170. Unless you get them very cheap do not buy the plastic hulled boats which includes the 14. Too many potential issues and they are ugly to repair. You can’t use glass to repair. That side they are decent sailboats.