Need a Vintage sail...Orange/Yellow

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I have a 1978 orange and yellow Super Sunfish. It's more convenient for passengers to use the lateen sail. My sail is old and faded. Here's comes the question...

Who can help me find a place to get a new orange and yellow 5 panel Sunfish sail?

I called North Sails, they are the official sail makers for Sunfish. They are under contract and won't entertain the thought of helping me to keep my boat "real".

So I guess I'm either gonna get real lucky and find a very nice old orange and yellow sail, or I'll have to buy a non Sunfish sail.

Has anyone been successful at finding a good copy of a vintage sail? I'd kind of like to have the black fish on my sail.
are you looking for a super sunfish or a regular sunfish sail? and do you want one used/vintage or new
if you want a new sail, go to the search bar and enter sunfish sail and the color patterns will pop up
if you want a used / vintage sail ,
not sure where you would get a super sunfish sail but my best guess would be ebay also.


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New sails with a Sunfish logo are only available from dealers. Recreational lateen sail go for about $245. You'll probably have to contact Vanguard directly to see about a Super sail.

Unofficial sails are there -

SUN3001 Sunfish Main 3.9 oz. Color(s) $231
SUN5000 Super Sunfish Main w/ Window 3.9 oz. Dacron $361

Lateen Kit - Part #3971 $216
Lateen Custom Colors - Part #88830 $256
Ask about a Super sail

Make a Fish logo from black sail tape or stencil it on using silkscreen ink. I don't think the Fish Police are as bad-assed as the M-o-u-s-e Police about the logo stuff.

Sometimes used sails show up at >

Try the <For Sale> part of this forum.

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Sorry if I wasn't clear. Its my lateen rig thats showing its age. Incidently, my Super Sunfish Sail is in pristeen condition. :)

I was aware of all the current Sunfish sail patterns available, none truely compliment my orange and yellow hull. The all white racing sail is an option, but that's boring, I want my boat to look like my boat. When my family is out on Pymatuning with my dad's blue and white, and my brother's red and white and my orange and yellow it's obvious we're sailing Sunfishes and loving life. (Don't ever let my wife know I'm this sensitive) :eek:

The link to Sailmakers of Ft. Lauderdale was helpful, I sent a request in to see if they could make one for me. I asked for a five panel orange/yellow sail with a window, I asked them to use the Sunfish racing sail specs, (a little larger). I also asked about putting the fish logo on it. I'll update the forum with what their reply was and the price.

Thanks, Bode