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My grandson’s 60 year sail is way beyond repair. I’m looking for a good used sail, not necessarily class legal, to help him get back on the water. Any help locating would be very much appreciated. Thanks!
I just bought an Intensity practice race sail, sent to me for $134. It has a window, tells in place, and sails great. A pretty good price for a brand new sail!


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Are there any disadvantages to the “loop-on” Intensity sail versus the conventional method of attaching?
Lee Montes is a Sunfish sailor who races periodically and provides a lot of helpful information on all things Sunfish through his YouTube videos. Here's a video of a review he does on the "loop-on" Intensity sail that you are referring to.

A skim reading of the comments section reveals some people saying that they think the gap between the upper boom and sail is too large and that the sail is too flat, ie, it doesn't have as much power as the fuller sails.

Also, in the comments Lee Montes says, "Agreed, (the loops are) too loose." He also answers, "I think the gaps make the boat tack a little less crisp. I don’t think it is as fast as a normal sail, it’s not a slow sail."

Personally, I would go with either the Race Style Practice Sail (the all white one which I own and really like) or the Red, White & Blue Race Cut Sail. As far as choice of color, here's one reason for a vote for the all white sail.

Tell tales (lengths of yarn attached to the sail which allows you to see when your sail is at the proper angle to the wind), are easier to see when they are against light colors, like white, and harder to see against dark colors. Both the all white sail and the red, white and blue sail come with tell tales.

And if you don't mind getting too deep into the weeds on performance when it comes to one factor that will help your grandson's speed, watching the tell tale on the OTHER side of the sail (the backside of the sail) is just as important as the tell tale on the sailor's side of the sail. And the tell tale on the other side of the sail is easier to see if it's attached to white sail cloth than dark sail cloth.

Apologies if that was too much information. :cool: And I think it's great you are going to get your grandson a new-er sail for his Sunfish!


- Andy
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My experiences...
I was using a recreational sail and found in stiffer winds I would loose rudder control and the boat with turn into the wind.
I switched to a racing sail this year and I can point higher and the rudder is still able to control.

Night and day difference. So a racing cut sail has its advantages.

Oh, do not get a sail without the window in it!! That is a safety item in my book.

I also recommend getting a correct line set. Often on the older boats the halyard is replaced with a thicker diameter line. Plus they some line stretch some. Recently a club member switched the line on my advice and their kid now has less trouble getting the sail fully pulled to the top. Shoreline sailboats in NY sometimes has the Vanguard factory line kit for about $30.