Navionics Platinum+?

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Does anyone use Navionics Platinum+ or HotMaps Platinum? I currently use Navionics+ but I noticed that Platinum+ and HotMaps Platinum are on sale for the month of April. What are the differences in Plus and Platinum Plus and HotMaps Platinum? What is your experience using the Platinum line?
All Platinum products include the same chart content as Navionics+ but with a lot more. They come with preloaded Nautical Chart, SonarChart and available Community Edits and there are some incredible viewing options: 3D View, satellite overlay, and panoramic pictures that enhance any boating experience. I believe satellite overlays have recently been updated in the Americas along the Great Lakes, the Gulf Coast and Florida Keys. Platinum+ coverage is worldwide; HotMaps Platinum covers over 18,000 lakes in the US & Canada. The platinum products are great for sailors; you can utilize satellite photos, 3D images, etc to your destination before you arrive which can be great help when coming into new marinas/docks/ports/anchorages. I've used it many times to check out marinas prior to arriving. In fact, Marina de Salinas in Puerto Rico would have been extremely difficult to navigate because it was so tight for sailboats, but with Platinum+ it was much easier. I checked Navionics' website and you're right, the platinum products are on sale. Here's the link: Platinum sale April 1 - 30! | Navionics