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Nautical Name for New Skippers


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Great video, I shared it with my Sea Scouts.

Coaming :)

Sheets are called sheets because they control the "sheets" (sails)

There is one rope on a boat, it is the "bolt rope" on the main sail.

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Good point about ropes vs lines.

Maybe next video we go into sayings and folklore that evolved from sailing, like "the whole 9 yards..."

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I mentioned in the video, the cool thing is that we complicate everything by 1) having a different name for items on a boat vs those same things on land, bunk vs bed, bulkhead vs wall, block vs pulley and 2) everything on a boat has 2 names for the same item :) Capn Jack always called the bow line a painter.

Bridle vs traveler? Go!


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British warships (roughly equivalent to WWII U.S. "PT boats" and the Kriegsmarine's "E-boats") had a giant steel "splash guard" in front of their forward deck gun. They called it a "wave guard". I would have called it a "knee-knocker". :(

Wooden Sunfish had a raised band of wood surrounding the cockpit they called a "coaming". (Which it would have been called correctly).

Fiberglass Sunfish have a raised bump surrounding the cockpit. Not quite a coaming--and so modest a bump--it could be called a "dribble guard". ;)