Nautalytics Simple Compass Gen2 Calibration

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I just completed a distance race in a Laser28 (yes, there is such a thing), we had a Nautalytics onboard as a secondary compass. It was off by more than 40° rendering it totally useless to get a bearing. To test if it was a lemon or systemic problem, I mounted my Nautalytics onboard my Laser (14) along side the Ritchie for Sunday racing, sure enough it was also off by a similar amount all day. One wouldn't notice this discrepency unless two compasses were in use.

Has anyone else noticed this? It would explain why the bearings to the weather mark that RC give you never make sense...

This is the Gen2 with timer. I really want to like this compass, but may have to switch to a Micro or Prism.


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Sounds like it is a tactical compass and not a navigational compass. In which case it is making an allowance for being 40 degrees off the wind direction.
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Yes - this is the Laser approved Nautalytics Simple Compass - Gen2. This one has one display and an integral start timer, not the three piece display Gen1.
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@AlanD - yes its primary function is a tactical compass, however, I should still be able to use it to get a bearing on the weather mark as per the stated direction on the committee boat. It shouldn't be making an unexplained offset calculation. It is also consistantly off, it doesn't recalibrate itself to -40° in the other direction when you tack. I want it to do two things: 1) Point me to the weather mark from the committee boat, and 2) give me a bearing so that I can track wind shifts and oscillations.
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Yes - I have a message out to them, just waiting on a reply. I posted here also as I wanted to know if anyone else has had this experience. Seemed a bit too coincidental that the one that we use on the Laser28 and the one that I use on my Laser 14 both have the same problem...
Had a similar experience with a different Nautalytics model. Would only read correct numbers when flipped upside down, maybe try that if you're in a pinch. Definitely contact them and ask for a replacement though.