Nautalytics out of business?

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Has anyone dealt with Nautalytics (digital compass) lately?

I purchased one in January 2018 and it worked fine but last April (2019) the display stopped while sailing. I though the auto-shutoff function or batteries were shot but then I would hold down the power up button and sometimes it started working and other times nothing.

I have emailed the company as well as Quinn Schwenker and no replies. I see that they tried to launch a Kickstarter campaign so that didn't make me feel very confident.

I posted a comment on their YouTube video.

The unit wasn't cheap and now it doesn't work. Anyone heard anything?

Rob B

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Hmm. Was the "kickstarter" campaign the "Buy 5 units and get $100 off per unit" deal? That's how I got mine in late May. I absolutely love it! Hope it holds up....