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National Class Contributions?

Andy B

Does anyone know how much each National Association contributes to ILCA per National Association member?
I seem to recall a figure of about $25 but that would be nearly 50% of National Subs.


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I'm going from memory, but I think it is closer to $10. I think at one point in the past, like twenty years ago, the NA class association was unhappy and was withholding the money.


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Does your national class list it in their AGM report? In Australia, the national class receives about $7.30AUD from it's members going from the last AGM report, the State Class Associations provide the ILCA Affiliation Fee which looks to be about $13AUD based on this P&L statement and membership being around 120 for that year. Our class membership fees are $75AUD pa (or $60AUD for renewing members leveraging the early payment discount)

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I messaged our national treasurer about this but he hasn’t answered yet. The annual membership is only 35 € (paid it last week!) so a 25 USD ILCA fee sounds highly unrealistic.

In any case, it's very reasonable compared with the other ILCA of which I'm also a member: the national association takes 70 € from every skipper/boat owner, of which the international organization gets 55 USD.


Andy B

Does this arithmatic on ILCA fees and members make sense?

ILCA finances extracted from Laser World March 2017 for FY 2015.

Plaque fees $175k, 3000 hulls, fee $55 per hull
Sail button fees $156k, 3000 sails with new boats and 3000 purchased total 6000, button fee $25 per sail
Membership dues $126.7k, rate $10 per member, 12600 members.
Number who voted in ballot 3000, source ILCA web site.
Number who voted for rule change 80% or 2400.
Change voted through by 19% of members.


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looks about right, also need to note that the change voted through had the highest member vote participation of any recent member vote. Unlucky the EURILCA leaders were ineffective at influencing their constituency to vote. Good to see that Beat has now resigned.