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That makes sense to me. Our district (12) is full of old farts and I'm one of them. Far more so than folks under 35.


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...59 don't know their sex?? Cool...We have lot's of members named Pat, Chris, Bobbie. Some things never change. people don't tell the office what sex?? How the heck is the office supposed to know.

Also I suspect there are a few members that are clubs joining to get least there used to be, I never turned down a single dime.

The membership breakdown seems about the same as it has been for a long time. Old folks pay their dues out of good old fashioned responsability to the cause. Lots of old guys pay dough and sold their lasers a dozen years ago. Thye support the cause as much as the need for a membership or maybe more so.

Here is the breakdown as of when I stopped updating the membership database in mid August 2002. It was mid August when I stopped because james was workign for vanguard for thre weeks in August and fired or not I damn sure wasn't going to just let the class die for three weeks. Bear in mind we had a different membership system. Everybody renewed a year after whenever we first recorded the receipt of membership money. Currently membership is effectively wiped clean on December 31 at midnight. So lots more people will join as the year continues. if you want to compare membershop totals don't do it until at least mid December. And...if the class membership passed 3100 by June we are DOING GREAT!!!!
As of mid August 2002
Laser: 2547
Laser 2: 98
Radial: 486
Total: 3131
Paid by Vanguard new boats: 565
New since August 2001: 670 (first time they paid since 1995)
Renewals: 1883
Honorary: 12

D 0: 1 Somebody had an empty blank
D1: 44
D2: 36
D3: 236
D4: 15
D5: 39
D6: 147
D7: 429
D8: 186
D9: 102
D10: 221
D11: 197
D12: 114
D13: 147
D14: 41
D15: 222
D16: 47
D17: 70
D18: 109
D19: 90
D20: 150
D21: 62
D22: 5
D23: 58
D24: 146
D25: 172
D26: 10
D28: 3
D29: 15

Now for some reason I did not print out the rest of the stats below after July 31,2002 So the numbers below are based upon the 3106 members we had as of July 31, 2002:
Juniors... Not yet had a 17th birthday: 633
17 to had not had a 35th birthday: 824
Had a 35th birthday: 1649
family members main: 187
Family members rest of family: 187 ( I question this number. it is low. The reason? I sent newsletters to lots of kids at their shcool addresses even though they were only "supposed" to get one newsletter per family. So, to make the labels come out automatically, in my database those kids were listed as full members even though they ahd only paid for a family membership.

Figuring out sex of the members owuld trake finding the database, loading it, and playinbg with it for an hour. I forgot a lot about how to run the thing. maybe sometime.

During my tenure the membership age brackets increased as follows: added 101 junior members
added only 58 in the 17 to 34 group.
added 482 in the over 35.

We lost 68 Laser two members
Added 527 lasers
Added 177 radials
Added 52 families
Added 46 family members

If any of this makes sense to you please tell me. I used to look at these numbers every month and not peek during the month. We lost members my first month and then grew for the other 35 consecutive months. Only the Laser Two category shrunk but it never shrunk enough fast ewnough to cause a total decrease for the month.
I ws very disappointed with the performance in radials, juniors and most of all the twenty somethings. If you consider that most of the juniors in my numbers are too old for Optis and not yet 17, I probably had 500 16 year olds and only 800 for the ages of 17 to 34?? That really sucked and I really hated not to fix it.
What I want to know is why wouldn't you want to do this? More information brings more ideas. If it's broke....... more ideas to fix it. If it isn't broken....... ways to make it stronger. If the members who visit the site see the membership going down they will ask questions about why and how out of self interest. Grass roots drives are easier when you can see the results. i.e. local fundraiser signs or in this case a constant update of membership status.
Another note, why not allocate future championships to districts that have the best percentage of results for new membershipsover say 50 boats in a given period. ( say district x gets the US champs because they increased their membership by 100 boats in 2006)