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NA Class Elections This Month


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ILCA- North America Elections are this month.
The election of officers for the International Laser Class Association - North American region will take place during October. The current elected officers have all agreed to stand for re-election.

Chairman - Tracy Usher
Vice Chairman - Eric Faust
Secretary - LauraLee Symes
Treasurer - Ben Richardson
At Large - Tommy Wharton

If you would like to make a nomination for any additional candidates, contact your district secretary. The district secretary may then forward the nomination to Sherri Campbell, ILCA-NA Executive Secretary.
Voting will be by district secretaries only according to our by-laws.

Election Schedule:
Nominations: October 9 through October 15
Campaigns - October 16 through October 22
Voting - October 23-25
If you have any questions, please contact the office.


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This is a great opportunity for those of you who know more than the current officers to step up, take over, and run things your way.

There have been some pretty bold statements published on this forum and Sailing Anarchy about getting rid of the old farts and cleansing the game of Laser sailing by doing so.

Certainly, any of you who have spent time bitching must feel obligated to take the opportunity to take over and show us how much more brilliant you are than the current and past folks who have done such ( according to you) incompetent jobs.

So...are you bold brilliant people waiting for your turn at the helm? or just bold keyboard artists who are really whiney wimps??

You know who you are.

Time to stand up or shut up!!