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n00b - thinking of buying


Hi all!

It struck me a few days ago that I haven't been sailing in nearly two years (since I moved to Austin) :eek: - and that my poor little C-15 hasn't been on the water in about 4 :(

I think the main reason for that is because the C-15 pretty much requires two people - which puts it over a certain hassle level to make arrangements and get out there.

I sailed Lasers (and Force 5, and dolphin, and Thistle, and Flying Scot etc etc) about 10 years ago when I was in the Sailing Club at Texas A&M and I think that's the way to go. I can rig it, launch it, sail it, and get it home quickly and safely by myself. It also might be fun to race, though I probably wouldn't be very serious about it.

They seem to be a bit hard to find, though. As "The most popular boat of all time" I figured Craigslist and local paper classifieds would be lousy with them - but after checking Austin, Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas 'Ive only found one that looks remotely promising. I'm hoping to get one that's in pretty good shape for less than 2k (if that's reasonable?)

A couple questions:
1) What is the "rolled sail" that is included with the race and XD versions? I can't imagine they're putting roller furling on Lasers :p

2) Is it reasonable to put two full size (like American size... I'm 6'1"/220) people on one of these things for recreational sailing? I.e. if a friend did want to go sailing with me would we sink or be in each other's laps? I remember putting two big people on one of the small boats in college and it worked pretty well but I can't remember if it was a dolphin or a laser.


Rob B

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I'm about your size and I have taken my 7 year old out on my boat. She is 60 lbs and just under 4 feet tall. It was a boat full. I do not think 2 people my size would fit.


Hi K,
Q1 - This is just a sail supplied rolled rather than folded.
Q2 - I have seen three in a laser off the beach in Spain but they did a lot of swimming.
I can't get my head around how I would sail a laser with a crew but I have seen two up in a Sunfish and they managed OK. I will be interested in other replies to this


I take other adults sailing all the time... it's not comfortable for more than 30 mins or so... we switch betwwen running the Mainsheet and tiller on opposite tacks...


Thanks everyone!

I'll be digging through the classifieds for a good deal on one - let me know if you see one for sale in Texas!