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Mystery sail rig

po-man sailor

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Good evening gentlemen.
This is a little off but I have recently come into a pile of sailing equipment, sails rigging from an older sailor who moved away.
Here are some pics of a rig I found and have no idea what it is. It is quality made and appears to be all mahogany but needs varnish. It has downhauls ,outhauls, pulleys, and cleats built in all around. Has removable batons and the sail appears to have never or rarely used. Is this a custom rig of some sort or a known boat? I have no use for it but hate to just trash it. It looks so well done. I know there are experts here so give me your best thoughts. Thanks



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Abandoned project? Good you've asked!

That's a "Gunter Rig" from a small sailboat, iceboat, or canoe. The spars show wear, which is a good sign. :)

There's probably an old wooden-boat-builder who'd sell a kidney to have that! (Just the hardware is worth something to an enthusiast). I'd advertise it at a forum or magazine specializing in old wooden boats like, www.thisoldboat.com or Google Image Result for http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0053/4098/7482/products/WB261-400_bb7df9eb-05df-4d81-81b4-5e61516cf1c7_800x.jpg?v=1586805965

I'd ask $600, but I'll check with a buddy. (You know the one). ;)

It should be suitable for a Drascombe Lugger, but nobody in their right mind restores those. :rolleyes:
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L&VW is on the right trail, looks like a very custom rig for a canoe, with several reef points. The longer spar looks to go to something else.

To small for a Drascombe Lugger, but would make a nice gaff rig for a Grumman 17 Double Ender to sail home on a run, steering with the paddle.

Or put it on your Sunfish!

CHIP Gaff.jpeg

...or Sailfish...

WINNIE Sailfish Gaff.jpeg