Mystery boat - what did I buy?

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Hi! I'm new to sailing, and recently bought a used racing dinghy on craigslist; the owner had gotten it in a trade, and didn't know anything about it. Great, solid little boat, sail is good, wooh! But here's the thing: it has no markings, no serial #, nothing. The hardware has names on it (Racelite, etc), but that's it. It's fiberglass, ~12.5 feet, with a peg for the mast (no hole), two shrouds / sidestays and a headstay. The mast is 16 ft. It looks a lot like a "topper class" with its rounded nose. The sail fits into a grove on the boom, and only attaches to the mast at the top (unlike a laser with its sleeve). Any guesses? I made up numbers when I registered it with the state (serial#, year, etc) :rolleyes:.



Ryan S

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Hey!! I think you're right! Thanks!! That'll help a ton when I'm looking for examples of how other folks have them rigged, vang or no vang, etc etc.
Glad to help!

I've never sailed one, but I have a few friends that have had them at various times and they liked them a lot.


Geoff S.