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My poor Sailfish!


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I brought my Super Sailfish (“Redfish”) home in late July, but she still hasn’t made it into the water. Settling my parents estate, home repairs, getting my Minifish (“2Fish”) race tuned, and life in general have conspired to keep her on dry land. Last week I finally got her on the trailer and over to the lake, but the winds had gone from 5+ mph to 15+ while we were on the road. Testing a new boat with a 75 sq foot sail and a 36 inch beam In 15-20 mph winds seemed like a great way to get wet (over and over again), so we went back home to wait for a better day.
Thursday is supposed to be in the mid-70s with 5 mph “winds”, so we are going to try again.
I am bringing home the fourth (and last!) of the adoptive siblings on Wednesday: “Bluefish the Sunfish” is getting picked up on Wednesday. But “Redfish” gets to go swimming before Bluefish. It’s only fair
Yes, there is a reason for all of the boats. A few years ago I used my small fleet of canoes and kayaks to get people out onto the water. Around 30 of those I loaned a boat to became avid paddlers. I am hoping to do the same sort of things with the sailboats. The world could use a few more sailors. And maybe, just maybe, one of them will be so bad that I won’t come in last every race. Hey, one can dream!


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Haha, Seaotter5, you missed your calling... you should've been a comedian! :D

But you're right, the world could use a few more sailors... might be a more peaceful place if we had 'em. :rolleyes:

As for being a comedian, well, women have been laughing at me for YEARS, usually at the size of my... um... er... WALLET!!! :eek:

Damn, sometimes I slay myself... and after that line, women here at this site probably won't be enamored, LOL. [sob] ;)