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my name is joe c, and i have a problem.

joe c

its called craigslist, or kijiji, or fb market place....or whatever. lunch stalking and this listed up. 25 mins before i signed on. 3 boats. 3 daggers in pretty damned good shape. one complete rudder setup in very nice condition. one missing a tiller and the associated tiller hardware. 2 masts 2 booms and 2 upper spars with no pitting. 2 goosenecks. a set of really shagged sails that have been sitting furled on the boat so lots of sun fade in spots. a sunrise in the red yellow orange blue and a lightblue green combo both sunfish. the red white blue probably has 4o gallons of water in it. lol. the middle one has the foot well filled to the deck. didnt move the left side one. no halyards or mainsheets. no ratchets. listing had no photos. the hulls need some work. ones hairline cracked on the bottom under the storage compartment. (why do they all crack there???!!!!) so i know it leaks there.

whats amazing is the guy bought them to fix them then lost interest. he literally lives across the street from a west marine. and the waterfront park is at the end of his street. annapolis.

350 bucks. i couldnt say no.

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joe c

That is super exciting! We have a saying at my house: “beware the $75 Sunfish”. (I’m probably $400 in). But watching my family sail my two boats is worth it. Have fun fixing them up.
It's a fairly high cost to fun ratio.

I can't get a set of race tires for 400 bucks!
I've easily got 1500 into the first one.


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Who could say no? Great score.
Biggest issue I’d have is the honey do list gets a few items added each time I bring home a new boat. That haul would be like a whole page!!
Bright side is I get the boats, and the motivation to finish the projects around the house.

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Your disease is contagious. I barely have enough time to restore my one treasured vintage Sunfish. Last night I happened upon what sounded like a complete spare parts listing for a free Sunfish hull.
I now have a gorgeous (albeit waterlogged) pre-1970 Sunfish. No dagger board or rudder/tiller at the moment, but coaming is sitting on my workbench, and mast and spars are hanging on the wall in the garage. It’s a sickness!227CCC9E-F209-45AC-A701-2804DE333DB6.jpeg

joe c

i do have the sail. heres a smattering of what i picked up. had to grab the 3 hulls today and renting a 16ft box truck would have pushed the over all price to like 600 bucks and that was just going to break the bank on this. :) it looks janky but nothing loosened and the 45 mile drive was all done off the expressway and took an hour and a half. multiple checks the entire way back. i thought for sure something would have loosened up but nope.

i cleaned one hull. its had the bailer hole glassed in but i got the bailer from the green one and it should go right in once i rebore the hole. these were west river sailing club boats. so the good condition explains it. the hull up top is the red white and blue and seems to be in pretty good condition as well. though that one is definitely water logged. he didnt know how to drain them to keep them dry. so that might take some searching for leaks. thats going to get racked with the rig util someone wants it. hopefully get to that tomorrow. the blue one thats cleaned up a little is going to the guy who crews on my laser2 with me. ill probably just put the rig on it tomorrow to see how it looks. but its a really nice looking setup i think. View attachment 50402View attachment 50402View attachment 50402View attachment 50402View attachment 50402View attachment 5040220220415_102039.jpg20220415_102618.jpg20220415_102647.jpg20220416_213706.jpg20220416_164931.jpg20220416_194344.jpg20220416_200247.jpg


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I owed a 1978 or 1979 Sunfish "Gulfstream" which I sold to buy a Sunbird daysailer. I loved that sail color and wish they still offered it. I'm waiting for delivery of a new Sunfish that will have the Newport sail. I went from the daysailer to a Hunter cruising sloop, then later to power boats. I decided at 73, I wanted another Sunfish. We live on an intercostal waterway where l learned to sail back around 1960 - that was on a Sailfish.