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My Laser II Sank - Rebuild Video


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Hi All,

A short video Laser II Rebuild Video of me and my friends rebuilding a Laser II (11) that I bought for 600 bucks. The problems were; all deck areas had separated from the core, the hull and deck portion had basically separated, and it sank.

Keep in mind I have only done a little glass work before and had never worked with core materials. The only thing I had available was 1" balsa core :eek:. if I had known I was going to spend as many years on this as I did, I would have ordered thinner coring foam which I think would have been easier to work with and added less weight. Lastly, I found out after a few more trips that I did not get a watertight join on the dagger trunk and will need to use some 3M 5200 to finish the seal, structurally it solid, it just leaks.

Anyone thinking about doing this be prepared for the long haul :).