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My first regatta


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I would like to hear the advice of experienced laser competitors; what do you think I should make my absolute 'got the t-shirt' and '_______' (fill in the blank) goal for this experience?
This will be my first multi-day, away from home, large number of boats registered, bona fide, regatta, and I wonder what the most experienced laser sailors can advise me to try to accomplish; a stretch-goal, or piece of wisdom, anything, looking back on your own experiences, that you would share with me as I begin this endeavor. Thanks. (Btw, winning is not realistic, just so you know!)


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Sail all the races clean and fair, do your best, and by all means don't give up just because you have a bad race or two.


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Tokyo 2020!

Just kidding; my advice would be to jot down (reflect on) what went wrong, so that you can 'work' on it. And try to keep the pointy end up. BTW, what kind of regatta are you going to sail in?

Rob B

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"Got the t-shirt and finished every race". Seriously, if it's a well attended event with 40+ boats with out of town talent that should be your goal.

Take the opportunity to observe the people in the front pack. When you are close enough watch how they handle the boat. As they sail away watch how they manage the course and take notes.

Make sure you bone up on the rules so you don't get into any, "I don't know the rules in this situation" situations. That'll keep you from unknowingly screwing someone over and/or getting bluffed out in a situation.


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Thank you all! Just a few more days to go, then I drive to Florida for the Masters Regattas in Sarasota and Tampa/Davis Island starting next mid-week. I hope it is warm and sunny!
The advice you presented was very appreciated, so my goal, besides collecting my t-shirts, is to watch how the best sailors manage the course. I would not have thought to do that, so thanks.
I always try my best but I'm such a beginner so finishing all races is not always an option; I don't like to delay the start of the next race, but I will definitely start all the races.
About the rules; where I typically sail, in the back of the fleet, I am usually alone. I don't get much practice defending position or place, which I can't solve this time out. I resolve not to foul anyone else, and if somebody wants to game a beginner, well, that's on them!


Ted Morgan
I suspect you will be pleasantly surprised at how friendly and encouraging the fleet will be. Ask questions throughout the week. Observe and learn as much as you can. You will no-doubt come home a much better Laser sailer when the week is over. You will not get better if you never leave the cozy confines of your local fleet. I'm glad to see you taking on the challenge. In all seriousness - approach folks and ask a ton of questions. These guys and gals LOVE talking about what they think makes them go fast.


Upside down?
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I agree with the above.
Last year I sailed in two of the three Florida events. It was the first time for me and I finished close to the bottom. But then I realized that almost all who participated (and that includes quite a few from Canada) are better than average sailors with a lot of time in the boat.
Or perhaps I am just making excuses...
Whatever, I hope you have good weather. Please give us a report; that would be so nice.
The rules of racing are a great place to start and E.J. a Laser Sailor since '72 as wells as, a Pro Chairman provides a easy explanation of the New 2017 Rules . Which in big international or local fleets helps self-confidence! Best of Luck and lets all sail by the Rules.