My 13 year old...Keepin' it flat.

Thats really cool.
I'm so jealous because I'm 14 and weighing only 85 pounds makes it hard to compete in many regattas.
The 2nd picture is really cool.
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Stick with it, Dude. 40 years of sailing and fishing has taught me that as life starts throwing you curve balls, there is peace to be found in sailing or the rhythm of a fly rod.

You'll seek their sanctuary when times are tough.

And always make sure you have access to at least one boat!
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Yeah - clearly it slipped in the cleat. Fortunately he had a figure 8 in the bitter end.

We've since learned to tie it off after it comes through the loop, and then run through the cleat.
I'm fourteen and weigh 85 pound's i have a radial so its hard to keep it flat. Plus you have to beat out of the harbour on most days, and the mouth is only thirty-five ft wide.