music on my 14.2

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any ideas on doing this? i plan to mount 2 speakers on either side of the cuddy door, the battery in the cabin area and stereo mounted to the cuddy door.
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i've talked with catalina and they said 'no problem' with cutting holes beside the cuddy door! i'm going to use kicker 6.5 round speakers, pioneer head unit and a battery from kinetik power cells. the battery weighs 14 pounds and i plan to recharge with a solar panel.
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i mounted everything into the cuddy door, mounted a battery holder in the cabin - everything works! will put up some pictures soon!
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the battery is mounted in a milk crate with a strap and i used the foam packing from the speakers to fill in the space around the battery, all of this is just behind the cuddy door. i use 'gator' clips to attach the power leads to the battery, i also connect the ( + ) side of the antenna coax to the bottom of the mast - the mast is my antenna. i use my ipod mostly, it's full of jimmy buffett!
Awesome idea

Awesome idea, and great work. I'd consider it myself, but I'm not much of a newbie to sailing, I'd worry the investment would be ruined if/when I capsize the boat.

I haven't yet, and the season is over here, but my instructor in Sailing I capsized the Flying Scott in our first class!

Can the speaker plans. If music in your boat is that important why not use headphones? Not everyone appreciates the same tunes or volume. The only thing more annoying than PWCs on our lake is motorboats with loud music.
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i always look forward to sailing- adding the stereo has made it more enjoyable! i keep the volume low i'm not into loud music.
Keep Dry

Connex: Suspect that you will want to remove the unit (and it looks easy to do so the way you mounted) when in storage so that condensation from bilge won't cause you problems. Also, you may want to make a second door which you could use on rainy days or high wind days to avoid unwanted water damage. Besides music, it would be good for following sports on radio while sailing! RK
> I'd consider it myself, but I'm not much of a newbie to sailing,
> I'd worry the investment would be ruined if/when I capsize the boat.

In my lake sailing experience, a 14.2 equipped with a mast float or a Baby Bob usually won't take on any water when it capsizes, unless there is significant wave action (in which case I won't be on the lake anyway) or a ski boat whizzes by. Otherwise it just politely floats on its side. A more likely hazard would be getting caught in a sudden shower.

I also like a little low volume Parrothead music while sailing. My solution was a small $50 battery powered CD player from Walmart which I secure to the Barney Post with a bungee. At that price, if something happens to it I won't be heart broken. :)

> ipod ...

I took a short dunking while wearing an ipod. The ipod survived but both earphone pods did not. My best guess is that the earphone amp membrane is water soluble. They also do not like dropping into a cup of coffee. :)