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Hmm, I tried to locate a photo of that Eichenlaub boat but I had no luck... and the Skimmer photos I saw were not the same, was there such a thing as a Skimmer Scow? Meh, I saw that ad years ago and too much has happened since, but I very nearly bought that boat to restore it and sail it... built by the great Carl Eichenlaub himself, no slouch as a boatbuilder, this thing was made of wood and looked like the classic scow. I remember thinking how cool it would be to stand on deck while skimming past the overcrowded cattleboats on Dago Bay, nonchalantly hoisting a cold beer with one hand as the boat tore along, LOL. I should've bought the damned thing, it would've been like owning a piece of true nautical history... oh, well, today's web lesson on Carl Ekstrom & Carl Eichenlaub has been interesting, those two hands were some se-wious craftsmen, Ekstrom as a surfboard shaper and Eichenlaub as a naval architect & boatbuilder. Y'all can Google those heroes, they're interesting characters... if I find a photo of that particular boat I mentioned, I'll be sure to post it, it was the epitome of COOL, like something NOBODY ELSE HAD on the water, LOL. Plus if anybody gave ya grief about it, you could automatically reply: "IT WAS BUILT BY EICHENLAUB, YA FRIGGIN' MORON!!!" :confused: LOL. CHEERS!!!

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Planing into eternity...
Found a few pics of craft similar to the Eichenlaub boat in the C/L ad, but not quite the same... the Eichenlaub boat had elements of all these craft incorporated into his design, which makes sense because he was known to mix it up when experimenting with ideas, and the boat I saw might have been a one-off Eichenlaub Skimmer. Anyway, here are the photo links:

Earwigoagin: Crosby "Skimmer" Moth

Earwigoagin: Header Photo: The Dabchick Scow - One of those Sit-on-Top Dinghies

Small Scow

Damn, that last link doesn't show the plans for the Lark Scow till further down the page... I see it is also called a "Larken?" Meh, the boat built by Carl had a cockpit, smooth rounded scow "corners" on bow and stern, and it generally looked COOLER than these craft, LOL. The cockpit might have had rounded "corners" as well to match design elements. Okay, I'm done beating this dead horse, time for a cold beer outta the fridge. :rolleyes:

P.S. Not done beating the dead horse after all... a quick web search for "Lark Scow" led me to believe the Eichenlaub boat was most similar to the Lark, and yet I could've sworn the C/L ad mentioned "Skimmer" (seller might have been wrong in his assumption). Ah, well, it doesn't matter now, since I didn't buy the boat... if it's truly a one-off Eichenlaub special, the thing will be worth a fortune one day, but I'd gladly settle for the bragging rights, LOL. And who knows, maybe the seller couldn't find a buyer, so he burned the damned thing for firewood in a desert bonfire. :eek:
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