Moving to Reston from uk

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Hi, I am moving to Reston Virginia
in June next year from the uk. I have sailed competively all my life and wish to continue. I currently sail a solo dinghy but I don't think there is a solo scene or a solo dinghy in USA? I have sailed laser for a few years and love the boat but don't really fancy going back. I weigh 86kg so top end for a laser too. What is the Finn fleet like? Any other single handed suggestions? I guess my nearest club would be Potomac? Suggestions would be appreciated before I sell my boat in the uk.


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Yes, the Potomac River Sailing Association would welcome you with both arms. No Finn fleet though, but an active Laser fleet. To my knowledge, there are very few Finns in the Chesapeake Bay area (including Annapolis).

As far as other single-handers is concerned, I have seen A-cats and various Hobies at area regattas.