moving sailboat from USA to Mexico..

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Anyone here have any idea what the requirments are for taking my Sunfish sailboat to Mexico?

i don't have a title.. would i need a bill of sale or something??
I've never done it, but logic say's you will need proof of ownership, you may need to contact a Mexican embassy in the States for specific details. Just make sure the advice you get is sound.


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Think about the return trip. US customs may need proof you didn't just pick up the boat in Mexico.

I crossed at Detroit/Windsor with a canoe no questions asked by Canada and proceeded to vacation in Algonquin for 2 weeks. I returned through Sault Ste Marie where I was "detained" until a copy of the canoe's Bill of Sale could be FAXed to US Customs. That was in the late 1960s when a "FAX" meant a trip to a Western Union office.

Check the requirements with US Customs

You'll need insurance sold by a Mexican insurance co.