Moving boom blocks

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I believe there are really old booms that did not use straps. A single eye-bolt was used with a nut on the backside and the blocks attached to the eye.

If you don't have any of those parts, I would start over using one of the methods discussed on this thread.

beldar boathead

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Thru bolting is less prone to failure than rivets, so I would try and find some long stainless eyebolts and set the booms up as they were delivered way back when. But you will need the right Racelite blocks - they had a different swivel than current day blocks - the swivel needs to fit in the eye of the eyebolt. If you cant find those blocks, then you might as well set it up as current boats are delivered. BB

I plan to try and re-create the original setup. I was looking at screws with eyelets
at the hardware store tonight. To my surprise they had blocks as well. However
the screws were for light duty only. I am not positive they can handle the loads.
I will head to my local Laser Performance shop to see if I can put something together there.
They have a large selection of SS hardware.