Mounting a go pro

I'd definitely buy a mount like that, although considering how often I still catch my mainsheet on the transom, I'm not sure I wouldn't rip that off constantly. Do you give a huge pull on the sheet above the block during a gybe to keep the excess in the boat?
What I learned in the clinic about my gybes was to sheet in better just before the gybe and keep the pressure in the sail and the boat moving - when there is no pressure in the sail is when the sheet drags in the water and catches. I'm probably not describing it well but when I do good gybes it doesn't catch. When I gybe badly, sometimes it catches but even when the sheet gets caught up in the mount it wasn't that big a deal. Most of the time it would just be caught on the transom corner.

The effect on the mount was that it would move it out of alignment and I'd just have to push it back in place. I had enough redundancy with the guy lines that I was fairly confident the whole thing wouldn't come off and the arm is back further so it isn't as likely to snag. The setup survived a week of a master's training clinic so it was pretty durable - the worst that happened was the occasional times it was knocked out of alignment and the video was pointing to the sky or something.
The deck in front of the mast is not big enough? Since it is designed for surf boards I would think that the adhesive is designed for rough surfaces as surf boards have some sort of grip on the topside
No surf board that I have ever seen has any kind of rough area. They are very smooth, generally polished fiberglass. Your feet get traction from a sticky wax applied to the board.
Ok so I dont own this site thats linked below but i came across it when i asked a guy of youtube about his camera mounts and this is from his blog

I think its a really useful account showing you how all his cameras are mounted...lots of the shots i never would have thought of..
So good ideas but I think that the mast mount below the goose neck would not be a good spot because our masts rotate and hard to keep the person in the picture not to mention it would be a wild visual doing a gybe (from extreme left view to extreme right view)
Ok again I dont own this video but this is from the guy that did that blog post


I think that it shows all the camera angles on the blog..I thought I would post it just to show you the results from his blog.
Another good mount that I didn't post a picture of to the blog is the wrist strap mounted to the starboard side of the boom. Makes for some great shots of the start and good clean video on the runs. Just doesn't work for the port tacks upwind as you are looking at the sail.

This mount:

Example of some videos from it:
If you don't want to spend the money on the tripod mount for the front mount you can just cut out the black packaging mount that the GoPro came in and then it becomes a mount. when you have done this you can cut out a piece of PVC board so it can fit inside of the packaging mount then drill a hole in the PVC so you can put a bolt in, put the bolt through the hole and scuff everything up so the epoxy can stick and then put the epoxy on the PVC and in the mount. Put epoxy everywhere and make sure to tape up the holes on the mount so the epoxy doesn't leak through and mess up the mount.Then just wait for it to dry and drill a hole in the plastic piece on the bow and put the epoxied together bolt and mount in the hole and out the wing nut underneath and you have a mount!