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I just purchased the 2 hp Honda 4-cycle outboard recommended in the FAQ section of this site. Does any body have any experience mounting this on a Capri 14.2 transom? The configuration of the motor clamps looks like this may be a problem - wish I had test mounted the engine before I bought. I have to believe that someone out there has been through this already. TFortune Virginia
I have a mod 1 capri 14.2 (the earliest version), not quit sure which yours is or if there is any difference in the transom.
I cut 2 pieces of 3/8 inch plywood to dimensions a few inches exceeding the motor mount and glued them on. The mount then slips over the wood (albeit barely) and then I tighten the clamps.
It is not directly in the center of the transom due to the rudder mounting bracket, but rather off to the side. Hope that this helps you.--- John Parker
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Doesn't the motor shaft and propeller interfere with the rudder motions? Also how can you push the tiller over far enough on the motor side to prevent it from hitting the "head" of the motor. The traveller also looks like it would get tangled in the motor's handle and head. Has that been other's experience? Seems like the motor could be a real hassle while sailing. TFortune, VA
I'm not sure what the problem is with mounting the Honda. I found with my Minn Kota that I needed to extemd the original aft trunion higher, over the rub rail to make the motor secure. I am trying to attach pictures that will show what I did on my Mod 2. It only involved remaking the aft portion of the original trunion from a piece of 3/4" mohogany. The interior portion is a piece of stainless steel sheet with a 90 degree bend and four screw holes. I find that the motor can be raised and rotated for minimal interference with the tiller. I only install the motor when the wind is minimal. In higher winds the traveler and main sheet lines tend to hang up from time to time. Neither do I want battery acid spilling if we should go over.


I made a bracket out of aluminum that hangs off the transom and has the motor mount out about 12 inches. That way when I am sailing and the motor is kicked up, it doens't interfere with the traveler because nothing is sticking into the cockpit area. I made it so the whole thing is removable. If I'm in a place that I don't need or can't use an outboard, I just take it off. You can see it (although not close up) in these photos(if this works)My C14 link