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Motor Mount + Cupholders


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I bought a 2000 Catalina 14.2 last summer and sail on a lake in Minnesota. I determined pretty early on that I needed a small electric motor for docking, and also realized that a couple cup holders for the helmsman would come in handy as well. I've learned a lot from this forum so I figured I'd share.

I bought the motor mount from Catalina Direct and turned the brackets inward for rudder clearance. I figured the transom through bolts would need some backing - I've seen others use fender washers but I figured this was a good spot to use a plywood backing and add some cup holders as well. Turned out pretty good, was only planning on using plywood as a proof of principle, may try something in teak later if it doesn't weather nicely.
IMG_4117.JPG _JHK6994.JPG