Most spectacular capsize?!

Fortunately, I myself have not been involved in too many capsizes (laugh!), well at least too many spectacular ones. There is one capsize that my friend did that I think is one of the most spectacular I have ever seen. I was sailing behind him in a race, with about 15-20knots of breeze. We were both experimenting with somewhat heavy wind by-the-lee sailing for the first time (we had only sailed by the lee in fairly light winds).

We had seen a trick done earlier in the regatta where when you are sailing by-the-lee, and a gust hits, when the boat starts to deathroll, you stand up and jibe the boat by grabbing the mainsheet below the block on the boom.

So my friend and I catch this large gust (I manage to keep control) and he starts to deathroll. To my surprise he emulates the trick the other competitor had done earlier in the regatta. Amazingly, he saves the deathroll and completes the jibe only to snap his topsection while he was flattening and with the broken top section, deathroll to windward on the new jibe. Not only was the capsize spectacular, yet expensive as well.
i once had an awesome near capsize when i was racing in palm beach and it was around 18 mph of breeze and i rounded to windward mark to start to go downwind and i found a gigantic tangle which involved my nalgenebottle which was tied in to the cockpit my mainsheet and my hiking strap. so i untangled it but in the process my bow went into a wave and water came up to the mast while i was reaching while going straight down wind cause i couldnt let the main all the way out and i untangled it all with out losing any distance.