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I'm posting some pics of some mods that my son and I did to our "eBay Omega"!
Beside lots of elbow grease, we added the engine mount for a 2hp Honda long shaft, a ladder (sorely needed after a capsizing, but wasn't installed yet!), a rear light bar / mast holder, and a couple of deck accesses. I also made a "hold-down" for our paddle, and a small "ramp" on the trailer for the centerboard to ride up on during launches. I wanted to thank previous owners for their postings and sharing their ideas that I incorporated parts of. Let the sailing begin!




Looks like those mods were beautifully done, Wildbrian. I was wondering if you had any pictures of the centerboard ramp for the trailer, since I was considering making something like that myself. The centerboard rests on a roller on my current trailer & doesn't like to retract fully, creating a bit of a challenge when launching from a beach. Thanks!
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Centerboard Ramp

My centerboard was also not staying up during our launches - in fact it got stuck several times on the last trailer support member, and was damaged. After I re-fiberglassed my centerboard (old style mahagony) I made this ramp out of a used "plastic" cutting board! It had the right dimensions, and was thin enough to heat and bend to what I thought would be a good angle after it was mounted. Oh- I also belt sanded it first to remove the old scratches from its prior life! The one thing that I would do differently would be to just use mounting screws on each corner, and not put a screw in the middle like I did. I thought that it might interfere with the center board - I thought of that later, of course, and added a "sloped" plastic washer to recess that center screw. Let me know if you need more pictures. Good luck - Brian

Thanks for the info & the fast reply. I have an Omega that looks very similar to yours (only nowhere near as clean!). I picked it up about a month ago. It needs some gelcoat & paintwork on the deck & the mahogany centerboard on it needs to be reglassed too. Apparently the board hanging up on the trailer is a common problem. I'm surprised they didn't outfit them differently to deal with that.
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Good luck with your overhaul... they do shine up nice! Our boat was fairly rough, but cleaning it up was a lot of fun. Take care... Brian Wild