Mod 2 fiberglass cubby and cover



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Selling a used fiberglass cubby insert ~$50 and cloth snap-on cover cover ~$15. Open to any reasonable offer. I recently made a sealed, teak door hatch and no longer need the cubby or the cover.
OK having seen no offers, I am close to trashing the cubby. Pay for shipping and handling and it is yours. Otherwise it will head for the landfill soon.
I don't need the cubby but need a cloth cover. Would be willing to pay for shipping. Question: Did you leave the space under the deck where the cubby use to be empty ?
I left the space open and sort of lined it with cedar planking. Now there is sotoage for paddles, bumpers, anchor, etc. Also, I strap my trolling motor battery to it. It held up real well, even when I capsized. My teak waterproof hatch did the job as well. You can find pictures under the boat modifications thread.