Mod 1 or Mod 2?


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I just purchased a 1991 Capri 14.2 with hull # 1792. I was under the impression that it was a mod 2. However, after reading this forum for a while, I have concluded that it must be a mod 1. It has an open cuddy and a teak hatch door.

Is that conclusive or are there some other differences I can use to determine which it is?

BTW, I'm very happy with it either way.




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Hatch cover leaking.

I'm assuming at this point that I have a mod 1. It has the teak hatch cover and open cuddy. The seal around the hatch seems good and I doubt it would leak very fast. I'm talking about the amount of water that would come in during capsize recovery.

My question is this. I haven't capsized it yet. I know. I need to do the drill but I'm having trouble talking my wife into it. Anyway, all of the video I've watched shows the Capri sitting very high in the water when capsized. I have an anti-turtling device in place. On a small lake (my lake is about 2 miles wide), would you typically get water all the way up to the hatch cover? I would think it to be unlikely.

Another semi-unrelated question. How difficult is it to climb into the cockpit from standing on the centerboard as the boat rotates up? Or am I dreaming about being able to get onto the centerboard while capsizing or from the water? I have a rope loop attached to the traveler. From what I'm reading, that's not a very good solution for climbing back in. I'm 63 years old and a little heavy (5'6" and 200 lbs).

I have a Mod 2, instead of a hatch cover, it has an insert that looks like a kitchen trash can inserted in the cuddy. My understanding is that the insert is the primary difference between a Mod 1 and a Mod 2 (or at least the easy way to tell the difference).

If you go over and do not turtle, the boat sits very high in the water, so the hatch should not really come close to the water.

Getting back in can be difficult. There are a lot of threads on it. I will probably be installing a ladder on the transom eventually.
I have a mod 1. Make sure that the hatch cover is tightened down tight. My first time out, I capsized, turtled, etc, the hatch cover came off. So one of the last things I do is to make sure the hatch cover is fastened down tight.

If the hatch cover comes off or leaks, the boat will fill with water. If your flotation under the seats is good, you should still be able to get it up right and sail it. Actually it is pretty easy to get back into full of water, been there done that. Actually sailed it about 3/4 of a mile across a reservoir, with water up to the seats, a little sluggish but it works. Of course the idiot in the ski boat that decided to put his wake over the transom, completely filled me with water, but it still sailed and floated. (I kind of got the last laugh, the guy in the ski boat got caught by DNR, who arrested him and took his ski boat, it ended up in that state surplus auction).

Make sure the bungee is attached to the centerboard and then to the transom of the boat, It keeps the centerboard down. If the bungee comes loose, the center board will normally fold up into the boat when you turtle or capsize. Makes it fun to get back down, so you can right it, I have had to go under the boat into the air space and flip the centerboard back down, don't try this unless you are a strong swimmer and probably would still not recommend it. Normally grabbing on to the end of the centerboard and pulling down will right the boat.

Getting back in can be interesting if you are not a strong swimmer and there are numerous discussions on this board about doing so.

My suggestion is to take your boat into shallow water, swamp the boat and right it.

Kentth --

That's the first stinkpot vs. sailboat story I've heard that had a satisfactory ending. yeah, I'd say you indeed got the last laugh. :D

Surprised to hear that you could sail full up with water. I filled mine once and it just stalled and rounded up. I was sailing close hauled to get back to the dock -- what was your point of sail while full?