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Alan S. Glos

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I am working with a Minifish owner who plans to cut a set of Sunfish spars down to Minifish specs and needs to
know the length of the Minifish booms and mast. If you have a Minifish rig and would be willing to measure the spars and post the results here, that would be appreciated. I think metal end to metal end would yield the most accurate cut, but end cap to end cap would also work.


Alan Glos
Cazenovia, NY

I have a 1983 Minifish. The measured lengths of the Minifish mast and booms are shorter than specs I've seen published.
Minifish mast: (published spec) 9' x 2 1/4" OD
Minifish mast: (as measured) 8'9" (including bottom & top caps)
(I actually have two "Minifish" masts: both measure 8'9")
Minifish booms: (published spec) 12' 8" x 1 1/2" OD
Minifish booms: (as measured) 12'2" (including end caps)
(Both Minifish booms measure 12'2" long w/ caps)
The Minifish has a non-OEM sail from Super Sailmakers of Ft Lauderdale, FL which fits the booms properly.

I don't think the masts or booms have been trimmed. All the plastic caps are fastened with the little factory pins.
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In rethinking the Minifish mast/boom measurements I posted I realized that I used a fiberglass measuring tape with a 4" leader... and that I may not have accounted for the length of the leader. If I did not, corrected measurements are:
• the Minifish mast: 8'9" + 4" tape leader = 9'1" (counting the halyard and bottom end caps, so essentially the 9' published spec is correct)
• the Minifish booms: 12'2" + 4" tape leader = 12'6" (counting the end caps; still shorter than the published spec of 12'8").

The Minifish is in a different location just now and so I can't immediately double check the dimensions. I'm very sorry for this probable mistake on my part.