Minifish sheet hook backer?

Mike, Thanks for the quick response. I picked this boat up for $50 and it was only missing the lines, so I'm psyched to have her out on the lake within a couple of weeks. This boat was in someone's garage for about 30 years and is about an 8 out of 10...definitely lucked out with it! I'll let you know how I make out. I haven't sailed in years (I used to have a Hobie 14 when I was in high school) great fun though! Talk to you soon.
It's a fun little boat. I'm too heavy for it (250 lbs) but wife and kids love it!
so for my Minifish, I ended up just adding a deck mounted inspection port to give me access to install a ratchet block up on the deck, and a Harken H150 cam cleat on the forward cockpit wall (basically where the hook used to be).
minifish cleat.JPG minifish mainsheet block.JPG
If you ever have the time and/or interest, it would be neat if you could throw a camera into the port and take some interior pictures. It would be nice to have an idea what all is in there, where the blocks are, where foam is located, etc....

Mike, good idea. I'll try to remember the next time I have it accessible (in a couple weeks for sure). I do have one picture from when I cut in the inspection port - I hit a foam block.
minifish port.JPG


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After a lot of researching, pondering and testing, here's the best set up by far that I've found for a block and cam cleat combo for the Sunfish. I like this set up so much, I've got this ratchet block on all 3 of my Sunfish now.

Here's a video where I discuss the installation, fine tuning and nuances of this Harken Ratchet block.

- Andy
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If you don't want to install a port then you should consider using Wellnuts which can be obtained from your local Ace hardware store. They are what I used to install a block on my Minifish. Wellnuts have a metal threaded piece imbedded in a piece of rubber material. You drill holes to suit the block you are going to use in the deck just forward of the cockpit on the centerline. The Wellnuts are inserted in these holes and the block is mounted with the requisite number of screws. As the screws are screwed home the wellnut section inside the hull deforms to keep them secure. My block has remained secure for several years. As an aside I used Wellnuts to secure a traveler track on my Ensign and they worked very well there.