minifish sail on sunfish?

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I was given a north sail and I think its a minifish sail. I was wondering if i could use it on my sunfish. Its not as long and has a curve on the sides thats next to the spars. Is it a race cut minifish sail? Would you adjust the halyard or gooseneck locations?
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You do have a Minifish sail. The Minifish sail is 65 sq. ft. and the standard Sunfish is 75 sq ft. You would be underpowered in most conditions, and yes, you would have to fiddle with the gooseneck and halyard attachment point to get this smaller sail to balance on the Sunfish hull. Your old Sunfish sail looks quite damaged. It could be repaired but a better bet may be to sell the Minifish sail and buy an Intensity brand aftermarket Red-Whire-Blue sail - they are very good but not class legal for racing and priced under $150 with built-in window.
Google "Intensity Sunfish sail" Keep in mind they are not class legal for racing in Sunfish class sanctioned races. If you want to sell the Mini sail, e-mail me at:

Alan Glos
Cazenovia, NY
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yes the old sail came ripped and spread to the edge the first and only time Ive sailed the boat. Its definitely sun baked and extremely thin compared to the minifish sail. I ordered "sail tape" but i dont have high hopes. Ill check out intensity sail. Im not sure if Ill try it out or sell it but Ill give you an email in a bit here.


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Question: I have a minifish but it came with mast/spar/boom for sunfish. No sail came with boat. Can I use a regular Sunfish sail? Thanks for any and all replies!