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I am about to reclaim my Minifish (purchased in 70's) from under the deck. It hasn't been in the water for about 15 years and the last time I remember having to drain about a quart of water out of the hull. I will be bringing the Mini into the garage in April and am interested in adding ports for inspection and ventilation. I have only found references to Sunfish. Can anyone help with Port size and location for a Mini? I am looking forward to getting the Mini back into the water.


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I plan to do a leak test and will repair whatever I find. I thought port installation was a good idea because of everything I read about the Sunfish. I'll take your advise and proceed with caution.

I notice you use Cotuit in you email - Do you know any places to launch in that area? I have sailed and kayaked in the area with a friend and really enjoyed it.

Yes, there are many places I know of. I also rent small sailboats out of my frontyard during the summer months. Once Spring arrives, I'm there about everyother weekend,1319 Main St.



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Great - we have friends that own a place on Cross St and we usually spend a couple of days in August with them. I'll be sure to stop by and say Hello!

I have acquired a practically new mini-fish but have not sailed it. I need a coupl of rudder parts which I have put our feelers for....How does it (the Mini fish) do in comaprison with the Sunfish? The hull is smaller does that mean it is a solo sailer? or can it still carry two adults and sail well?
My neighbor was given a minifish from a friend who moved out of the area. I was wondering if anybody knows how to get the water out of the hull.
hey mister,
I owned a minifish for a few years, before it was unfortunately, recently stolen. I Installed a main sheeting system on the deck, next to the daggerboard trunk. To do so, I had to gain access to the inside of the hull. Rather than putting a deckplate on the deck, I did so on the forward vertical face of the footwell, which seemed just fine, structurally and aesthetically. I believe I used a 3 or 4 inch deckplate (the diameter of the hole for a 3 in deckplate is 3in).

As for Caper's question, the water can be removed by a drain plug (mine was on the strbrd. side) It looks like a large screw head. Unfortunately, If water has been sitting inside the hull, the flotation foam is likely to be watersoaked, and deckplates may need to be installed.