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Minifish in mid-Michigan (not mine)


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What do you think of the patches on the bottom of the hull? The owner write mentions this in his post:

On the picture of the bottom of the boat, there are two patches on the bottom. The big bottom fiberglass patch is good, but I recommend redoing it to ensure its integrity as it was done about 10 years ago by the second owner before me. The top patch is an unrepaired hole about the size of a dime. Both patch and hole was covered in Flex Tape to guarantee that the holes won't seep water into the boat. Both Flex Tape patches work and no water leaks into the boat, but I highly recommend fixing the holes with a fiberglass patch. The plug for the boat is brand new. The main reason I am selling it is because I am too big for this boat. I am asking $400, but will take offers.