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Minifish in good shape, $200, San Diego, CA

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Cactus Cowboy

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Just saw this ad for a Minifish in good shape, and the seller only wants $200... same amount I paid for my Minifish back in the day, but this one's in better shape, LOL. Damn, I'm tempted to run out to Dago and buy her, gas is cheap right now... meh, I'll post this and do someone a big ol' favor, check the pics and you'll see the boat is in great shape for her age. Here's the link:

1978 AMF Minifish sailboat - boats - by owner - marine sale

Escondido is NNE of the City of San Diego proper, right on I-15, for those unfamiliar with San Diego County. Might be worth a drive, and ya can't go wrong for a lousy $200... look at that hull and rig, totally worth the money, LOL. The lower luff of that sail could easily be repaired with some sail tape & whatnot. Alright, don't ever say I never did ya any favors... ;)
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Cactus Cowboy

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No word yet from this seller... he probably had so many replies that he can't be bothered to answer them all. But who knows? I told him I'd pay extra if he held the boat for me, and I'm willing to do that, but I'm pretty sure someone else already beat me to the purchase and the seller just hasn't deleted the ad yet, since he's busy packing up to move. I know that routine, since I bailed outta Kalifornia several years ago... :confused:

As for today's home rehab work, I think I'll sit on my view deck and enjoy this splendid weather, LOL. The beer wins out today, don'tcha know? It's just too damned nice outside to bust out the tools, and I have half a dozen ears of corn to grill on my BBQ (in the husk, of course), as well as a big ol' pack o' yardbird which is destined to be covered in Famous Dave's Devil's Spit BBQ sauce. That's the good $h!t, LOL. ;)



P.S. Here's a shot of this afternoon's BBQ material... I also have some choice ingredients to make a primo side salad, LOL. Grilled corn on the cob with butter & black pepper, hot & spicy yardbird, and a nice side salad with Romaine lettuce, vine-ripened tomato, cucumber & avocado, WOOHOO!!! I got the good salad dressing too, that Briannas' Home Style Cilantro & Lime number, my new favorite, LOL. That's some mighty tasty dressing... makes for a refreshing change from Ranch, Bleu Cheese, 1000 Island, etc. I won't bother photographing the salad veggies, but I'm tossing in a shot of this excellent dressing, LOL. :D

IMG_9838.JPG IMG_9840.JPG

Oh, yeah, those sweet onions, sweet peppers & hot peppers will all be grilled with the yardbird, that's how we roll here in Redneck Land, LOL... :)

And those bananas will NOT be going on the grill... :eek:

Cactus Cowboy

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Uh-oh, looks like I was buzzed last night... you mods feel free to delete that last post, LOL. :confused:

That sure was some tasty BBQ though, and I had a great night's sleep afterward... sometimes ya just gotta cut loose and par-tay, it does ya good, AYE? :rolleyes:

Now, I'm looking at another PERFECT DAY, and I'm thinking of going on a mission of mercy... you see, some farmer brought heaps of excess produce into town to share among folks who are strapped, and my elderly gal neighbor told me she's afraid much of it will spoil if they don't get the word out. I called the radio station yesterday, since they do free public service announcements, and I heard the DJ mention the free food once, but I didn't hear the announcement again as I was BBQing yesterday afternoon & evening. I personally don't need a box of food, my fridge is loaded anyway, but those three campers up in the mountains, THEY could use some of that food, as they're not exactly flush with money. So I may run up there again, it's a beautiful day for it, and I don't have to stay as long as I did last time... just hang out for a bit and give 'em those boxes of food. We'll see what happens, first I have to take care of a few chores: cleaning the BBQ and doing the dishes, for starters. I have a working dishwasher, but I never use it because it's more trouble than it's worth, plus it takes an hour to run while I can do dishes in a matter of minutes. Anyway, that's my plan, and if the home rehab work gets pushed back, well, I have all weekend to do it and I'll STILL be on schedule, LOL... ;)



P.S. There's a shot of my leftover BBQ material... LOL. I always douse the food with beer as I cook, it helps steam everything to perfection once I close the lid... that's why ya don't see much of the Devil's Spit BBQ sauce left, but the flavor is still there. Guess I ate three ears of corn last night, it was that good... stripped the remainder and threw 'em in a storage bag. Got some green salad left too, didn't bother photographing it. I'm thinking of taking some of those leftovers, adding some eggs, and making a bad boy breakfast burrito... this forced viral vacay sure is rough, LOL. :D
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Cactus Cowboy

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Hmm, ad is still up, yet no word whatsoever from the seller... maybe he got hit by a truck.

Meh, I'll save myself a 1000-mile round trip to bag the boat... and there will be other boats too, maybe even cheaper, aye? ;)

Went to the Stronghold yesterday, but those youngsters had moved their campsite, probably to the West Side where there is also free remote (or "dispersed") camping available. I was telling them about some of the larger crags & domes on the West Side, and they were all fired up to check 'em out... I'll pull a recon out there next week and see if I can find their camp. Heaps of folks camping out there lately, enjoying this run of fine weather we're having... mid-70s, but nice & dry, with an afternoon breeze to keep things cool. Perfect spring weather... :rolleyes:

Saw half a dozen pickups with horse trailers in their designated parking area on the East Side yesterday, folks out riding horses and enjoying the outdoors in that magnificent venue. Living their dream, just like the Old West, but with little danger of being tortured & killed by Apaches, LOL. Now, all you'll see are 'Winnebago Warriors' (cue the DK tune) occupying remote campsites... the main campgrounds are closed, but the free remote camping is still available and plenty of folks are taking advantage of it. It's good to see folks having fun during this idiotic viral scare campaign. :confused:

Anyway, I reckon I'll BBQ those burgers today, I bought two packs of patties for the feast yesterday, but never cooked 'em, just hauled everything back to my home after my recon. No worries, everything was on ice in my large cooler, so it's fine... I suppose I could cook something else and save those patties for next week, but then again, I could cook 'em up here and mack cheeseburgers for the duration, LOL. We'll see, today I plan on installing those deadbolt locks, I've put that off long enough already... and I actually have a work schedule, I want to knock out that skirting work next week while this run of fine weather lasts. :)


Edit: I dredged up an old DK video for ya... check that motley crew, only in Kalifornia, LOL. I'm thinking they're all probably dead or in prison by now, 10-4? But their old punk tunes will live forever on the Interwebs, LOL. :eek:
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New to the forum,

And the proud new owner of the above Minifish :)

She's now adorning the living room of my apartment until the we're allowed to go sailing again...
Cool story this guy was the original owner and won it on the TV show "The Price is Right."
Boat is in gorgeous condition apart from a some stress cracks and one small ding where the gel coat is chipped off. I think it's only ever been used a couple of times.


Cactus Cowboy

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Seriously? You lucked out and picked up that boat? It was a damned good deal, that's for sure... hopefully the idiotic regulations & restrictions will soon be lifted and you can take her out sailing. When I first saw that ad, I could tell the boat had hardly ever been sailed, and somebody was gonna score... :eek:

And who would've THUNK that the boat was a game show prize? Lemme see, "The Price Is Right" had Bob Barker as the host, right? Same guy who beat up Happy Gilmore? That alone gives the boat more cachet, LOL. ;)

Had I received a reply from the seller, I would've driven clear to Escondido to pick up that boat... roughly 1000 miles, round trip, and I would've done it in a heartbeat. Well, actually, in about 14 hours, depending upon traffic at the other end. :rolleyes:

Anyway, good score, I'm glad somebody picked up that boat, she looks to be in excellent shape for her age. I'm still gonna post any other good deals that come along in Dago, since I have old school ties to that burg. ENJOY THAT MINIFISH ONCE YA GET BACK OUT ON THE WATER!!! CHEERS!!! :cool:
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