MiniFish hull with Sunfish rig

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Good minifish hull- just plugged a few small holes with epoxy/microballoon mix ,and sanded smooth-not painted yet but sailable.
Sanded and refinished rudder, tiller, and daggerboard.
Good mast and booms with rainbow sail. One small tear in sail and some fading,but usable.
no trailer-so bring one and come get it!

Located 130 miles east of Dallas TX
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The boat is a 5 out of 10 condition wise. the hull shows gel coat cracking as do all old boats. There were three holes in the bottom of the hull i filled with epoxy/micro balloons and sanded smooth. Not painted yet but usable. The sail has some fading where some previous owner left it rolled up in the sun, but it is usable. The tear is near a seam near the outhaul at the foot in the blue area. I was going to patch it with some sail tape. Rudder and daggerboard are in great shape-dinged but not cracked. I sanded and refinished both and the tiller and replaced the bolts and nuts. I got this boat so my son and I could go fun sailing, but I need to sale it instead.
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