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Mid 70s Sunfish and Trailer


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I have mid 70s Sunfish and trailer. I believe it is a 1976 but can confirm if needed. Everything in good condition. Stored inside the entire time I have owned the boat and the owner I got it from said the same. Has a sail bag as well. The trailer has newer tires. I have decided to get a newer Sunfish. I have titles for both boat and trailer. Only issue with the boat is a the mast fell on the splash guard and chipped a piece off. Will post on Facebook and Craigslist soon. Thought I’d post here first. Price 1500 OBO


beldar boathead

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I think that boat is newer than you think. Likely a 1983 or 1984. The year of the boat should be among the last of the digits molded into the stern. Sail looks like new!