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Method of identifying trolleys for a regatta

Capn' Mick

New Member
Hi Experts,
I'm interested to know of successful methods to identify Laser trolleys (by class) for an upcoming regatta we are organising.
Expecting 100-ish boats with 3 ~ 4 different classes (Standard, Radial, and with age sub-groupings).

Thinking of some form of a 'tag' that is large enough to be easily see from a distance - for both the beach crew trying to find the matching trolley and for the sailors coming in to the beach.
Room on the 'tag' to write a sail number as well although all trolleys are 'supposed' to have their sail number written in multiple places on them.

Probably attached by a zip tie or similar.

Discuss :)

Michael in NZ


New Member
Laminated index cards with the sail number on them you can zip tie them on and have a different color for each class, colored duck tape would work as well
If you give out top numbers for the sail, you can match them to a dolly number and have the dollies sorted into groups of 10, then someone is calling numbers as the arrive at the ramp.