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Metal DePersia Bailer plug thread size identified?


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I recently purchased a 1975 sunfish in mostly good shape and I’m getting around to the corrosion-welded-metal-bailer-plug problem. I have managed to cut/drill/pry just the bailer cap off the overall assembly, and I am working on cleaning up the threads in the assembly, and I found that a 1/2-14 NPT tap I had lying around seems to be a match for plug. At least, it can be used to help clean/re-cut the threads inside the metal bailer housing, although a non-npt 1/2-14 tap might be better as I don’t think the bailer is actually an NPT Thread (it does not appear to have any taper to it). It should also mean that any bolt/pipe with a 1/2-14 thread might also fit and work as a bailer cap, but I have not tested that yet, anyone know for sure? I bought a “new” bailer plug off eBay (for a small fortune) and I am planning on using that.



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You can use a standard pipe plug found at the hardware store. A Garbard Plug
also works. Rubber stopper/ cork or no plug at all is also good. Outside threads
are also standard and the retaining ring is a standard sink drain retainer.