Merrily Resigns as Forum Administrator

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I always said that as long as I was having fun, I would remain an administrator on The Laser Forum. Recently, though, with the increased volume on the forum, there have been a lot more threads to read through. Yes, I have read every bit of it every day. This wasn’t asked of me, but it’s how I felt the job should be done. As a bonus, I learned a tremendous amount about Lasers and sailing that way, but now I’m just plain tired.

The recent controversy and disagreements are not the root cause of my leaving. They do serve for me as a bellwether. What I formerly would have answered with enthusiasm I now find a chore. So I think it’s best that I leave as Administrator and just check in from time to time for my own benefit, reading only the threads that interest me. It will also be a relief to not always have to think of the responsible reply.

I’ll have more time now for my writing, which I have neglected. I hope to soon finish the book that I have been writing for many years. No more excuses! I may even have more time to sail my boat. I’ll still be plenty involved in the Laser Class as Fleet Captain at my sailing club and Secretary of District 18 and will be able to devote more time to those tasks.

It has been a great pleasure communicating with most of you, especially Bradley but many others, and I’ve learned so much about Lasering from this community. I’ve “met” some fantastic people, and I still hope to meet many of you in person, especially on the racecourse. Thank you for your support!

Fare well,

Janet E. Rupert, AKA Merrily
Merrily, I know exactly how time consuming and seemingly thankless a forum administrators job can be... cheers and thanks for your efforts. I hope you do get more time to sail.
Not open for further replies.