Meet my project: boatTENT, a cockpit cover without metallic parts

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Hi folks

I invented boatTENT, an inflatable cockpit cover without metallic parts, and i would love to introduce it to you.

Our main goal is to replace the need for shelter/shadow, without requiring a permanent structure that is hard to store bellow deck. boatTENT is inflatable and takes 2 minutes to inflate.

We launched recently a campaign to gather a few early clients that'd like to collaborate with us to refine our product until we launch. In exchange for a small price (40-60% off) we give you a boatTENT and ask for early feedback before we launch in April.

This is very important for us since each cover is customized to fit your boat: we currently have orders to j80, first 31.7, first 35, seascape 18 and others, but are looking forward for more orders covering other boat models.

Any feedback is welcome, you're welcome to join :)