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MC Scow v Laser


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Hi all,

I'm looking for a first time racing dinghy, 1 person crew and the fastest boat I can get for under £1500.
How does the MC Scow compare to the Laser? Which is faster? The Scow has a much larger sail area but has a higher Portsmouth Yardstick handicap, for a similar size boat this seems a bit odd, though actually the Scow is MUCH heavier.
The laser does seem like a solid choice for a first time racer, but I can't help thinking that there must be somthing just that little bit faster out there for a similar price range?
I don't have any racing experience so for all I know the MC Scow could be completely the wrong choice, the closest I've got to racing is thrasing about in toppers - I've only really cruised about in wayfarers and oysters up until now, which is wierd because I'm usually never happy unless im speeding past everthing else in the harbour..



If you want to *go fast* then the fastest thing on the water in that (or any) price range is a windsurfer.

If you want to *race* then you need to have others to race against; what are the folks near you racing?

Rob B

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They are 2 totally different boats and designs. The MC is much larger and heavier. The class has a rule that if the breeze is sustained at 22 knots or more they do not race. Also, the MC can choose to race with a crew member if you want. It is that much bigger. When you capsize they are very difficult to right with one person. Capsize a laser you can get back in the game. Capsize an MC and your race is over.


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I actually own both a scow (Melges17) and a Laser. One observation I would make deals with the hull shape. A scow is not going to perform well going upwind, especially in waves. I would say a scow is pretty good as long as you sail on a lake and against other scows. I would not want a scow to sail in waves or against a mixed fleet.


It's a good point. Scows are designed for inland lakes where the waves aren't, not coastal areas where the waves are.