Masters Worlds 2006 onwards.


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Has anyone heard anything about the proposed location for the Open and Masters worlds over the next few years? I'm wondering when to get back into the class seriously (aiming at the Masters held after the Opens in the same location, of course).

Thanks for any info.
2007 is in Cascais, Portugal

looked in and nothing on 2006 showed the 2007 worlds (the opens are combined with all the olympic classes as they do every 4 years)

as far as i can see, the venue isnt released


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Thanks Murphs and Jose.

I'm just hoping its the turn of somewhere around here (Oz) or somewhere fun and cheap over the next few years; I missed last time because of an injury but I'm gradually going to get back into it. I was planning to stay away from Lasers for a few more years but I was doing some coaching anyway and the lil' tackers are hard to shake so I ended up buying an old boat.


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I these are the locations for the next worlds:

2005 Fortaleza, Brazil
2006 Cheju Island, Korea
2007 Cascais, Portugal
I did some quick sums and it would cost me around $10,000 AUD to do the worlds in Brazil, not that I'm any where near that standard - just day dreaming, but thats a lot of spare cash.


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Hey Chris, do you sail at Wallerawang? Do you know the dates for the central west regattas next year - Carcoar Dam etc (assuming they get wet at all..... :-( ) D'ya get many Lasers out near Lithgow? And do you know anything about the Wentworth Falls Australia Day regatta I read about?

Agreed about the cost of going to worlds OS.
Murphs said:
website has basically nothing, in most cases the sailors at the youth worlds are funded by their sailing authorities
Well, I thought there was some "General Information" of a sailing area that is in the near of that sailing area in 2006, that would be helpfull to calculate the "~"-dimension of the cost for a journey to that country.
Sorry, Muphs, that I couldn help.
Maybe this following website of the 2004 Asian Pacific Laser Championship Regatta is a bit better. If it dosn´t help you, than I already yet say sorry to all of you for my bad information.
hey LooserLu
wat country are u from?
i think that the 2006 worlds will be in busan. same location as 05 youth worlds
i was jsut there and things are pretty cheap there
just airfare and getting you boat there will cost you