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Masters Laser Worlds 2019 information online!


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The Master for this year is in my country: The Netherlands. It took some time (don't know why) to get the website up and running.

Masters Laser Worlds 2019

As said: in my country. And I know the location. If you need info about the venue, the location or suggestions for a 'spouse program', don't hesitate to send me a PM. I'll be glad to help you.



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Thanks! However, I am sad to say that I most likely won't be there :( Our Standard Nationals are at the same time, and that is a much more realistic goal this year.

Will you participate yourself?



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No, I'll not participate myself. I'm more comfortable on yachts and keelboats. ;) Just posting this as a heads-up for those heroes here on the forum who want to participate!
A bit out of my league but interesting to dream about. Maybe if can get in the first half of the Dutch nationals i can consider entering...


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I'd encourage anyone old enough to enter the masters worlds if you can make it. There are people of all abilities competing and it's such a great feeling to compete in such a big event and achieve even a simple goal of "I didn't finish last!" or "I finished every race!"

In 2015 I went up to to the masters worlds in Canada, having only been sailing for about two and a half years. Had a great time, wasn't last (just), and it definitely made me a better sailor.

Hoping I can make it this year, but need to find a charter boat that costs less than several body parts.
Old enough is not the problem.... it does make me think. How often do you have such an event a one hour drive away?

Thanks for sharing your experience... i'll start with blocking the week in my agenda...


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I think that you're right Jaap! Just try it. I've seen masters competing in Rosas last October. They were there for the Masters Euro Cup, but attended the 'normal' Europa Cup as well. Some of the 'older' did a great job. Others were 'left behind' by the fleet. But there was room for conversation as well. Our youngsters loved a conversation with a nice older man from Switzerland who told the boys that he'd owned (since new) one of the first Lasers sold in Europe. Lenghty conversation about changes over the years, I can tell you.

One of my fellow I-have-a-son-sailing-a-Laser fathers is determined to participate. 50+ y/old, with a 30 y/old boat + new rig and sail. He has picked up training this week: cycling and hiking on a bespoke hiking bench. Knowing him, he will do everything to get as much in front of the fleet as possible!

Boat charter shall not be cheap, I think. We have one supplier in The Netherlands (NED). That's Sailcenter.com. Nice people, but since they have the monopoly on Lasers, there's not much to negotiate. Belgium, just around the corner has VanLaerSailing. But), they're shoulder to shoulder with Sailcenter. Even the look-and-feel of the websites are the same... In Germany, you'll find Segelmayer. I have experience with those people. (@ Jaap: I see a business opportunity for you around the corner: collecting Lasers from all clubs in NED and renting them out for a fair price!).

My suggestion: try to hook up/connect with European Laser Master sailors (e.g. using LinkedIn) and ask them if they can bring an additional boat + hardware for the Venue. Most will come by car or camper. And most have a double or triple trailer. If you intend to buy a new sail here, be advised that other country codes than BEL and NED are hard to find over here! Bring your own (numbers are not a problem).

Come to think about it: public transport from the airport to the venue isn't easy. I suggest you rent a car for the period. Don't bother renting a large one; most cars here are smaller than (e.g.) US cars. Driving here is about the same as in the UK, intensity-wise, but a lot of US drivers think that traffic here is 'frantic' - despite that, Dutch traffic is very safe.

If you plan not to stay on the venue's grounds, there's enough to rent nearby, and probably cheaper as well. First port of call is Booking.com (select your language) and enter 'Port Zelande' for searching. Port Zelande is situated on a large dam, connecting two (former) islands. At the north end and at the south end of the dam are hotel and B&B facilities as well - from both sides, it takes 5 - 8 minutes to get to the venue. During the summer holidays, this area is very popular. But all schools start on Sept 1, that will have a positive influence on hotel and B&B prices!

Have a great weekend!

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Accomodations for the Worlds.

  • Surfcentrum Brouwersdam: www.brouwersdam.nl +31 (0) 111 671 480 - location is at 5 min walking distance. Small, basic cottages. Bike (rental) recommended.
  • Centerparcs Port Zélande: www.centerparcs.nl Search for 'Port Zélande' Reservations at +31 (0)900 0804 or +31 (0) 111 674 000. Tons of holiday homes, cottages, small apartments in different 'price brackets'. Lots of amenities on site. Various distance to the slipway. Bike (rental) recommended.
  • Apartments above the Yachtclub: www.roompot.nl. Sort for 'Zuid-Holland' and for 'Marina Port Zélande'. It's next to the other Centerparcs Holiday Park and for amenities like groceries etc you need to go to an (always open) gate. Distance to the slipway is 50 m.
  • Further accommodation outside the venue (always 10 mins away due to the fact that the regatta venue is on a dam, basically) www.vvvzeeland.nl
  • Booking.com, Expedia.com etc have accommodation as well.
Be advised: Centerparcs and Roompot sometimes have special deals for 50+/55+ guests who're planning a stay 'off season'.